Tim Flach studied Communications Design at the University of East London (1977–1980) and then Photography and Painted Structures at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (1982–1983). On graduation he briefly assisted, but soon began to attract commissions and was working independently from 1983. Today his clients include Adidas, Cirque du Soleil, Jaguar Cars, Sony, Lloyds Bank and Lavazza. 
His images have twice been featured on British Royal Mail stamps (2000 and 2008), as well as in campaigns for breast cancer and the World Wildlife Fund. 

Flach’s work has increasingly focused on animals, ranging widely across species but united by a distinctive style that is derived from his concerns with anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism. Among the subjects are monkeys, horses, bats, turkeys, parrots, Chinese pigs, dogs, frogs, fish and chameleons. I shoot bats, embryos and flies on shit. I’m fascinated by how we interpret and humanize images of animals. His images have been described as a system for thinking, constructed and questioned by animal imagery. 

Nobel Prize-winning author Elias Canetti penned an aphorism that could easily be applied to Flach – a person who ‘thinks in animals as others think in concepts.”